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KKISS – Keeping Kids In School Service TWO by TEN

Objective: to reduce student chronic absenteeism rates by 5% over 5 months compared to a similar period in the previous year.

Keeping Kids in School Service  uses TWO by TEN, 2 minutes of a caring adult connecting intentionally with a student for 10 days. The caring adult is a protective factor in early identification of risk factors associated with chronic absenteeism and  increases the student’s sense of belonging at school.  Caring adults’ restorative and relational skills are enhanced through  online training modules of approximately ten minutes each.

  1. Module 1 Asking helpful questions  to build connections – using restorative questions like  “I noticed you were away yesterday, what happened?” in order to avoid the blame game.
  2. Module 2 Listening  to build connections  – understanding the Compass of Shame to recognize withdrawal, avoidance, blaming self or blaming others while distinguishing between shame and guilt.
  3. Module 3  Early bridges to build connections  – early identification of  risk factors that affect attendance and how to respond
  4. Module 4  Fair process to build connections- using the practice domains of restorative practice when talking WITH students and becoming aware of talking TO and talking FOR students and a fair process of Engagement, Explanation and Expectation clarity 

The caring adults’ skills become part of their daily practice through Video Conference Extended Trainings (VCETs) .  VCETs consist of 7 video calls over the 5 months and are an important part of building the relational skills of the staff connecting with students who are chronically absent.  These hour long professional development times help to embed the relational skills into daily practice and allow the participants to dig deeper into the concepts presented in the online modules as part of a professional learning community.

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