Restorative Resolutions address well-being and attendance for students and school staff.

What is restorative practices?

Restorative Practices is a way of thinking and being that cultivates community, supporting well-being and achievement. Restorative Practices fosters the conditions that promote a positive sense of self, spirit and belonging. Restorative Practices provides a framework to maintain community when challenges and conflicts arise and to restore community when needed.

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How can a trusted caring adult impact student attendance? A short review of the research and literature

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Restorative practices awareness training, circles workshop & ongoing support, coaching and online extended training

Research shows restorative practices has some positive effects reducing suspensions Feb.28/23

Listen now to podcast at CircleForum By itself, restorative practices does not do it all! The research shows some positive change in reducing suspensions. The recommendations coming out of this research are worth a second look. Shelley, Steve and Stan discuss how the complexity involved with attendance, suspensions and achievement require complex responses. “The authors …

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Research says social-emotional learning and character development lowered absenteeism by 15% and suspensions by 72% Feb 21/23

Listen now to podcast at CircleForum Student achievement and attendance are improved by the non-academics of social emotional learning and character education. Using a restorative lens, Shelley, Steve and Stan discuss the many positive in this program, things like interactive discussions. “Using school-level archival data, analyses comparing change from baseline (2002) to one-year post trial …

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Research says understanding the behavioural message of the absentee student can improve attendance. Feb 14/23

Listen now to podcast at CircleForum To say that attendance is complex is to state the obvious. Shelley , Steve and Stan discuss how a restorative process can develop student voice, parent voice and a fair process in addressing student attendance. One size does not fit all so it’s important to determine the reasons behind …

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Research says early weekly alerts to parents increases student attendance in middle and high school Feb 7/23

Listen now to podcast at CircleForum Using Restorative Practices, communication with middle school and high school parents is all about building a partnership relationship with school and home. The research on these early and timely ALERTS shows improvement in student attendance. From our perspective, it adds to good conversations and connections. “ABSTRACT We partnered a …

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