What is Restorative Practices?

Restorative Practices is a way of thinking and being that cultivates community, supporting well-being and achievement. Restorative Practices fosters the conditions that promote a positive sense of self, spirit and belonging. Restorative Practices provides a framework to maintain community when challenges and conflicts arise and to restore community when needed.

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Practical suggestions for running an online circle in times of physical distancing

“Over the past two decades in the Restorative Justice movement, we have been nurturing relationships as the basis of healthy community and as a critical part of any response to the disruption of
healthy community. That relational work has been done primarily in physical face-to-face presence
with one another. The COVID19 pandemic has severely limited our ability to be physically present with one another. Consequently, many people are seeking ways to continue relational work
by other means—other than being in the same physical space. ” Kay Pranis

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7 ways to maintain relationships during a school closure

“the research is clear and has been for some time: when kids spend their daytime hours in safe, supportive schools where adults work every day to build strong relationships with every student, they are simply better, more engaged learners.”

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, focus on student well being by putting compassion ahead of content

“As schools across the country remain closed, students with trauma, difficult home situations, and anxiety need support now more than ever.”

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6 Lessons Learned from Washington state schools about remote learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

“”We’re going to practice patience, not perfection, and we’re not going to let perfection be the enemy of progress,” Superintendent Michelle Reid

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