What is Restorative Practices?

Restorative Practices is a way of thinking and being that cultivates community, supporting well-being and achievement. Restorative Practices fosters the conditions that promote a positive sense of self, spirit and belonging. Restorative Practices provides a framework to maintain community when challenges and conflicts arise and to restore community when needed.

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Vulnerable students more likely to slip through the cracks: check attendance stats to find out who needs support

“High proportions of teachers report that they are not receiving adequate guidance to serve many of these populations — especially if they are teaching them remotely — and low percentages of principals indicate that their schools are offering the tutoring needed to help students catch up. “

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Student attendance is impacted by relationships with the students’ parents especially during the pandemic

“Generally, we see benefits such as higher grades and test scores along with greater social skills and better reported behavior. And when we’re faced with virtual rooms of deactivated cameras, or students who are not submitting work or attending office hours for aid, we need every ally out there fully ready to help.”

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How Schools Adjusted to Life Under COVID-19: a RAND survey of principals in immediate aftermath of school closures

“As parents, teachers, and students learned the hard way this year, not many schools had a plan in place to guide them through an extended school closure. When COVID-19 emptied classrooms from coast to coast, it was—as one school official in Maine said—“literally like building a new educational system overnight.”

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