What is Restorative Practices?

Restorative Practices is a way of thinking and being that cultivates community, supporting well-being and achievement. Restorative Practices fosters the conditions that promote a positive sense of self, spirit and belonging. Restorative Practices provides a framework to maintain community when challenges and conflicts arise and to restore community when needed.

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Racism’s harmful impacts evident in graduation rates, homelessness and chronic absenteeism

“speak out against systemic and structural racism, and to work for racial justice and equity across systems. This means listening and learning with humility. It means speaking out in solidarity, not only in this present moment, but each and every day. “

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US data on COVID-19 and its impact on schools helpful for planning for September

Delivering distance learning
Inequity across schools
Anticipating what’s next

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“A connected school always focuses on planting flowers instead of pulling weeds”: 5 Strategies for closure and transition

“Calming year end stress for can include these strategies:
1. Symbolic gifts
2. photos and affirmations
3. planting and nurturing
4. Remember to breathe
5. the family tree

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