Restorative Resolutions address well-being and attendance for students and school staff.

What is restorative practices?

Restorative Practices is a way of thinking and being that cultivates community, supporting well-being and achievement. Restorative Practices fosters the conditions that promote a positive sense of self, spirit and belonging. Restorative Practices provides a framework to maintain community when challenges and conflicts arise and to restore community when needed.

What’s new?

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Restorative practices awareness training, circles workshop & ongoing support, coaching and online extended training

Being known and knowing others amplifies school safety – Nov. 15/22

Listen now to the podcast now on Circle Forum  Connections between students and the adults at school has a big impact on school safety particularly on the trust levels needed to report a concern. Safety also depends on the adult to adult trust in the building. 2:35Create a community culture of caring 3:08Kids can build empathy …

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White educators developing listening skills essential to indigenous student attendance – Nov. 8/22

Listen now to the podcast now on Circle Forum  A settler bias and a colonial attitude are so much a part of white educators’ lives that even the questions asked can illustrate the ongoing nature of colonialism. It’s important for us as white educators to think through or be reminded of how our language can impact …

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Opportunities to fail leads learning and enjoyment – Nov.1/22

Listen now to the podcast now on Circle Forum  Leaders can learn from staff or students who miss the mark and fail at a new endeavour. Seeing the patterns of behaviour creates the opportunity to ask great questions and listen for staff and student strengths. Awareness of something not working right is a restorative moment and …

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Leverage both ears and propel conversations – Oct 25/22

Listen now to the podcast now on Circle Forum  Leaders are regularly involved in resolving conflicts and neglect the connected social justice aspects. Each situation presents leaders with the opportunity to listen for understanding and the opportunity to deal with a structure or policy that is unfair or unjust. It’s not easy yet it starts with …

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