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Restorative Resolutions address well-being and attendance for students and school staff.

Students and teachers are happier, more productive and more likely to make positive changes in their behaviour when those in positions of authority do things WITH them rather than TO them or FOR them.

(adapted from the International Institute of Restorative Practices)

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Stan Baker

Stan’s work on absenteeism is driven by his interest in early detection and interventions of caring adults with students at risk of becoming chronically absent.

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Training Associates Shelley Steele & Steve Young

Shelley Steele is a regular collaborator with Restorative Resolutions and has recently retired from the Hastings Prince Edward District School Board. She is formally trained as a Child and Youth Counsellor and has recently completed her certification in Positive Psychology. For the last 2o years she has supported families, youth and school staff.
Stephen Young is a regular collaborator with Restorative Resolutions, has also set up his own training business and is a retired Elementary Principal, having worked for 30 years in the York Region District School Board.

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