A restorative approach is key for a new normal after COVID-19 by Jennifer & Kristina Llewellyn

“Social distancing has shown us that our siloed and fragmented social systems and services will be stronger with more integration and interconnection…..What has been revealed is that we need to work in more relational and integrated ways, not only in this extraordinary moment of crisis but also in ordinary times. We need a relational shift because the virus has shown us what we always need to be safe, to be well, and to flourish….Restorative justice advocates have long recognized justice as relational work concerned with ensuring just relations and addressing the harms resulting from injustice — harms caused at the interpersonal level and at systemic and institutional levels. But what this pandemic has made so clear to us all is the importance of being proactive to prevent harms and promote our well-being rather than waiting to respond after harm occurs. “Read article