Attendance Playbook: Smart Strategies for reducing chronic absenteeism in the Covid Era from Attendance Works

“As schools and communities devise strategies to address chronic absence, it is imperative that they draw from evidence-based strategies. It is even more imperative that they build on and adapt what works in the era of Covid-19 in which students and families face even greater challenges to education
and may need a higher level of support. As protests over systemic racism and its impact on Black Americans demonstrates, our public schools have not adequately addressed the systemic barriers that limit access and equitable opportunities. Over the past decade, a growing body of knowledge of what works to improve attendance for groups of students with disproportionately high rates of chronic absence has emerged due to the hard work of a practitioners and researchers across the country. With nearly eight million students chronically absent nationwide, we can’t afford to waste time and resources doing business as usual. Our students and families deserve better.” Read Guide