School structures inhibit community involvement in restorative circles May 17/22

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Community involvement and participation in restorative circles can positively impact all people involved according to Belinda Dulin in her chapter “Restorative Practices in Community” in the book  Colorizing Restorative Justice: Voicing our Realities. Shelley, Steve and Stan discuss a terrific story about 2 families at risk of eviction due to conflict who resolve the issues with the involvement of a community member. Schools have set up many structural barriers to community members getting involved in restorative circles.

Restorative practice suggestions:

  • Seek to break down the barriers and structures in schools which prevent community involvement in restorative circles.
  • Challenge the idea that “we can’t do that here” with restorative alternatives.
  • Educate the community about restorative practices.
  • Be invitational in order to reduce individual isolation and to reduce the isolation of schools from their communities.

Colorizing Restorative Justice: Voicing our Realities

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