Burnout due to unfair treatment at work leaving schools staggeringly short staffed – Sept.6/22

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The biggest source of burnout in the workplace is, according to Gallup, “unfair treatment at work.” Schools are no exception and staff are leaving in droves. In our new season, we will be focusing on restorative leadership and engagement…of adults. This week’s podcast features a story from Shelley where the leadership was NOT restorative and how it could have been by using a fair process.

1:47 “burnout caused by unfair treatment at work”

3:50 “management/leadership style matters”

4:48 “Shelley shares an example of unfair treatment from her work”

7:58 “here’s what a restorative leader might have done”

10:58 “how do leaders manage change restoratively”

13:04 “lead from where you stand”

13:48 “lead with a fair process”

16:13 “ask questions, listen to the answers and lead from where you stand”

Gallup article “The World’s workplace is broken—Here’s how to fix it”

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