Close the revolving door on staffing shortages – Sept. 13/22

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If staffing is a revolving door at your workplace, consider this week’s podcast on how to keep staff engaged with restorative leadership. We reflect on the research recommendation from the Rand Corporation: ”Leaders who have not made adult relationships a priority could consider transferring the strategies they use to build positive student-staff relationships to focus on adults.“

1:30 “staffing problems are misunderstood”

2:33 “it’s not about the money”

3:54 “a supply teacher who kept coming back to the same school”

6:20 “micro level watch how you speak with staff”

7:03 “macro level stop moving principals around so much”

9:10 “small things you can do to build relationships”

11:35 “intentionally block time every day to build connections with adults in your workplace”

12:20 “do for adults what you’d do for students”

Restoring Teacher and Principal Well-Being Is an Essential Step for Rebuilding Schools :Findings from the State of the American Teacher and State of the American Principal Surveys

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