Exploring our reactions: deepening learning from Diangelo’s White Fragility from restorativeteachingtools.com

“Students will reflect on white privilege and how they may have felt defensiveness and responded in unhelpful ways when that privilege or their own learned racism was identified. This activity will help students to reframe their understanding of racism to instead feel gratitude and motivation to change in these moments of confronting bias or larger structural inequities. ” Read article


  1. This activity is primarily intended for use in white affinity groups (groups of white people committed to discussing race and white privilege and doing the work to challenge their racism).
  2. This activity is intended to be used in groups that already have established relationships and developed trust. Refer to the “Building Relationships” section of www.RestorativeTeachingTools.com for games and activities that will aid in building the trust and relationships necessary for this activity to be successful.
  3. You will be asking learners to take a significant amount of risk to participate in this activity. Please read Chapter 5 from The Little Book of Restorative Teaching Tools to prepare for facilitating if you are new to working with this kind of material. If possible, consider asking a trusted associate to help you co-facilitate so that you can debrief the activity together and shed light on each other’s blind spots.