‘The Human Connection Is Everything’: Dave Eggers on What He’s Learned From Tutoring Students

“The human connection is everything. This distance learning moment during the pandemic has really proved that technology only gets you so far. Every teacher I know says they’re working three times harder than ever, in part because of all the overlapping and flawed technology. Teaching in a room with humans is far easier and far more effective, they say, and that’s what we’ve seen for 20 years, too: That one human can adjust, can try eight different strategies with a student in a given session, altering their approach, responding to what the student’s needs are—adjusting, cajoling, strategizing. And encouraging. Machines will never do any of that as well as humans can, and the more we move learning online and into algorithmic realms, the more these human connections will be crucial to deeper learning and the emotional well-being of young people.” Read article