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4 things you can do to root out anti-black racism in your school

“First and foremost, educators, even in this stay-at-home moment, you must address racism in America in your schools and classrooms. You must let students talk about what they feel, encourage them to write about their emotions, and create space for students to emote—even as all of that will have to be done virtually. This is …

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Five Things Not To Do When Schools Re-open by Pasi Sahlberg

“Many are afraid losing their health, the lives of loved ones, their jobs, their dreams, and their futures. What most parents probably expect from schools now is safety and stability, not revolution or change. I like many others think that now is the time to reimagine schools. But I am afraid that making these dreams come true at scale will be very difficult.”

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“Thousands of people in Houston have called for justice for George Floyd’s death while in police custody. For some young people in Houston, that means restorative justice.”

Houston-Area Youth Join Calls For Justice With Protests, Dialogue

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The shift to working online requires teachers to think a little differently about how to build the culture they want with their students: 5 helpful steps from Edutopia

Complete a culture inventory Establish digital community agreements Establish trusting relationships Build respect Scaffold responsibility Read article

“A connected school always focuses on planting flowers instead of pulling weeds”: 5 Strategies for closure and transition

“Calming year end stress for can include these strategies:
1. Symbolic gifts
2. photos and affirmations
3. planting and nurturing
4. Remember to breathe
5. the family tree

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Connecting with students even at a distance through the small things helps teachers maintain and build relationships

“These small daily experiences with our students forge a deep bond. We laugh with them. We hug them when they’re sad. We lose our tempers, make mistakes, and make amends. “

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Morning meetings builds connections with students even when it’s asynchronous online: one teacher’s adaptations to home learning

“The biggest challenge we have is helping our students return to school not traumatized by this situation. Their social and emotional health should be our number one goal so they return to us with their spark and love of learning intact. Morning meetings and reflection are the foundations of that social and emotional work.”

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“Students are more likely to complete tasks that they care about”:encouraging student engagement in remote learning

“In all disciplines and at all grade-levels, we need to get students moving, thinking, interacting with family members, creating (off the computer), and making choices. “

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6 reasons why student’s aren’t showing up for virtual learning

“Some students are not connecting because they felt invisible while they were in the physical classroom, so they feel that they will not be missed in the virtual one.”

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Practical suggestions for keeping secondary students connected during COVID-19

• Have an adult in school, who they
believe knows about them and cares
about them as an individual
• Have a group of peers they interact
with and feel affinity with as a group
– i.e. sports teams, theater crews, clubs,
identity groups, circle of friends” Robert Balfanz, Johns Hopkins

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