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Conversation groups allow students to explore vulnerability about their experiences and build trust in one another.

“This school year, many educators face the challenge of building relationships with new students virtually. How can they foster a sense of community without the camaraderie and spontaneity of in-person, classroom interactions? One approach is to make more time for personally meaningful, nonacademic, youth-driven conversations. In my teaching practice, this has taken the form of This …

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Taking attendance for online schooling a team effort: an example from Maricopa Unified School District

“All MUSD students must submit a weekly log to the school “for evidence of learning time.” Each student must also either be present for the daily synchronous lessons or submit work for the day on an online platform. “

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To overcome the stress of this pandemic, educators must lead with relationships, routines and resilience by Katie Brackenridge

” The real question is whether we can afford not to invest in practices that support students’ social, emotional AND cognitive development right now. If we really care about student success, then we need to honor the biology of our brains — our interconnected centers of emotions, focus and learning.”

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A debate coach with experience guiding virtual discussions explains how to get students to engage with each other and with the course content: 4 tips for productive online discussions by John Ng

establish online etiquette and a discussion agenda make time for research be purposeful about group size and role assignment facilitate discussion Read article

Connectedness beats metrics: an article by John W. Bailie

“Connectedness always beats metrics as a predictor of group perforemance”

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Reduce absenteeism by reducing suspensions using restorative practice, research says

Chronic absenteeism is made up of suspensions/expulsions in addition to excused absences and unexcused absences. Restorative initiatives research has been showing promise to reduce suspensions thereby reducing absenteeism.

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