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10 Things To Do in the First Weeks of School to Connect with Learners in Distance Learning by Katie Martin

“As the role of the educator evolves, human connection and guidance will become increasingly more- not less- important”

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A debate coach with experience guiding virtual discussions explains how to get students to engage with each other and with the course content: 4 tips for productive online discussions by John Ng

establish online etiquette and a discussion agenda make time for research be purposeful about group size and role assignment facilitate discussion Read article

As middle and high school math students talk through problems, they build camaraderie and gain greater conceptual understanding.

Using math problems for class discussions builds connections between students.

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Showing up matters!

This year more than ever before, there is a great need to invest in the transition back to school for both students and families. Every student and family experienced some level of stress, while others have experienced deep trauma from family illness, death and loss of income. During the 2020-2021 school year, education may occur in classrooms, virtually or as a combination. School transitions in and out of classrooms may occur more than once. New research shows that many students could begin the new school year significantly behind in their academic learning. As protests over racism demonstrate, our public institutions, including schools have not adequately addressed the systemic barriers that limit access and equitable opportunities.

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‘The Human Connection Is Everything’: Dave Eggers on What He’s Learned From Tutoring Students

“The human connection is everything. This distance learning moment during the pandemic has really proved that technology only gets you so far.”

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7 Takeaways from our experiences with distance learning: administrators may be able to handle whatever comes next year by putting people first and remaining flexible by Mary Davenport

Put people first
Less is more
Make and communicate a plan
Don’t go it alone

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Connectedness beats metrics: an article by John W. Bailie

“Connectedness always beats metrics as a predictor of group perforemance”

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4 things you can do to root out anti-black racism in your school

“First and foremost, educators, even in this stay-at-home moment, you must address racism in America in your schools and classrooms. You must let students talk about what they feel, encourage them to write about their emotions, and create space for students to emote—even as all of that will have to be done virtually. This is …

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Five Things Not To Do When Schools Re-open by Pasi Sahlberg

“Many are afraid losing their health, the lives of loved ones, their jobs, their dreams, and their futures. What most parents probably expect from schools now is safety and stability, not revolution or change. I like many others think that now is the time to reimagine schools. But I am afraid that making these dreams come true at scale will be very difficult.”

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And now we have to prioritize recess too?

“But when children return to school, we must ensure recess is meaningful, playful and inclusive. Why is recess so important, and why now?”

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