Category: Tier 1,2&3 Strategies addressing absenteeism

Additional terms for “Attendance” during distance learning from CONTACT CONNECTIVITY ENGAGEMENT PARTICIPATION

Principals’ key role in promoting a school culture of attendance positively impacts student achievement. Principals get asked about the latter not the former!

According to Attendance Works, principal can impact attendance and achievement!

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Wait, what? Now I have to teach attendance too?

Every adult in school plays a role in teaching about attendance. Raising awareness that every school day matters is part of everyone’s task at school. AttendanceWorks has a great resource to infuse attendance into daily instruction.

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Addressing chronic absenteeism resource below uses helpful strategies for Tier 1, 2, & 3.

Check out Tier 1 strategy on p. 20 on Restorative Discipline and Tier 2 strategies on p. 21 “Early Warning Systems” and on p. 23 “Mentors” Read full article